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Meetings are Murder

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Every session I run, in every organisation, inevitably turns to the meeting problem.

Our time is precious, and there’s more pressure than ever to use it well. Yet so many of us are stuck in a planning loop – all talk, and no action.

Less than 30% of meeting time is well spent, and unproductive meetings cost us more than money. We’re losing the capacity for deep thinking, and we’re squandering opportunities to bring people together.

Every time we sit through another workshop that goes nowhere, we get less engaged. Progress slows, change comes to a grinding halt and trust is corroded.

Meetings make me uncomfortable, and nothing annoys me more than a talkfest that could have been an email. Please, stop it. Consider a phone call, shared document, or even better - just make the decisions that are inside your delegation.

Every time you have an unnecessary back to back meeting, a butterfly dies.

I've written a longer article this week on how you can get your meetings under control, by asking six questions. Check it out here.