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7 min read

Learn from your mistakes: make the most of failure

Everybody makes mistakes, but only some people know how to use them to get better. If you've made a mistake this week, that's great. It means you're...

1 min read

Reasons, seasons and changing jobs

You're probably familiar with the opening line of a poem by Brian A. Chalker:

2 min read

Make peace with problems

Let me paint you a picture of a workshop I facilitated recently. Fourteen senior leaders crowd around the boardroom table of an artful...

4 min read

Understanding idea technology

Idea technology, a term by Barry Schwartz, is an excellent framework for thinking about the ideas that drive our thinking and decisions.

3 min read

7 ways to feel better about your job

Work is a pain in the proverbial. It's also where most of us will spend most of our waking hours. The average person spends over 13 years of their...

2 min read

10 questions to boost your professional credibility

There's a reason every job interview asks the dreaded question: "So, do you have any questions for us?" Gulp. I've got butterflies just thinking...

1 min read

Save your relationships with quality questions

Bad questions kill relationships. When we turn up to a meeting, conversation, or email powered by judgement and annoyance, our questions reflect...

2 min read

Big questions enable bold choices

Most meetings and workshops are a waste of time. They're full of people resolving trivial issues that could be handled by email or delegation with...

3 min read

How to stop AI from stealing your job

Have you been keeping up with new AI tools like MidJourney and ChatGPT?

2 min read

Master the world’s most valuable skill

Critical thinking is the world’s most valuable skill. Unfortunately, being overworked and overwhelmed keeps people from learning how to do it. They...

2 min read

Serve the room: questions to ask for leadership success

In local government, many elected members think they must be approachable and responsive to their constituents. They personally follow up on service...

2 min read

5 career mistakes everyone (from junior to executive) should avoid

A few years ago, I asked a group of public sector executives one simple question: “What are the biggest mistakes you've made in your career?”

3 min read

Values-based living: The hardest and easiest path to peace

When I was 25, I left my job with two kids, a mortgage to pay, and a husband on apprentice wages. I'd left my policy job in frustration, looking for...

1 min read

The problem is never the problem

Picture this: you're frustrated with your partner. They've loaded the dishwasher wrong, again, and they've left the door wide open for you to knock...

3 min read

Setting boundaries around bullsh*t

I've drawn a new boundary around my professional life: no more leadership team coaching.

4 min read

Gaslighting at work

I met a curious, clever young woman recently. She was smart, a real systems thinker, and passionate about doing great work. When we got to talking...

6 min read

The Problem with Professionalism: Rejecting sameness at work

I was the first person in my family to have a professional job. So at 22, fresh out of university, with two kids in tow, I was terrified of starting...

7 min read

Why women are so bloody exhausted right now

This week, I had a great question from a Wednesday Wisdom reader. J wrote: "I'd like to ask for advice - especially as a woman - on how to not get in...

4 min read

Good People and Bad Systems

Change is hard to talk about, because people tend to feel personally attacked. They have good reason to feel that way. When we talk about the things...

4 min read

Nail Your Next 8 Weeks: How to keep strategy alive

In this article: How to run a great strategic check-in Free template for a 2-day strategy session Strategies are great, and 3-5 year plans are...

5 min read

Find Your Why Journey Update #2

I recently sent out a Wednesday Wisdom about a traumatic time I've experienced in my personal life and business.

7 min read

Stop being nice: 7 reasons why your niceness is dangerous

I have a confession to make: I'm suspicious of nice people.

1 min read

How to Make Your Problems Useful

There's no way to avoid problems, I'm afraid. Problems are like cockroaches and glitter: even when the world ends, they'll still be there.

4 min read

Why Your Team Needs A Meeting Policy - and What To Include

Take charge of your conversations I'm a big fan of individuals taking charge of the meetings they're in. In fact, I'd love to banish boring and...