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8 min read

Time management for consultants - (and everyone else!)

The life of a self-employed professional (SEP) is a busy one. When running a one or two-person business, there's no shortage of tasks but few people...

4 min read

How to use value-based pricing in your consulting business

The most challenging part of developing your consulting offer is deciding what to charge.

3 min read

How consultants create a clear service offer

How do you sell a consulting service? What services do you sell? How do you know what to sell?

6 min read

3 good reasons to go consulting

People are leaving traditional employment in droves. Here are three reasons to go consulting - and how to get it right.

4 min read

What to do before you quit your job to start a business

What should you do before leaving your job to start your own consulting business? What boxes do you need to tick, and how much money do you need in...

3 min read

Share your work in progress

I have a house guest - our former au pair, visiting from Germany. She's launching her yoga video channel and last week; she confided how disheartened...

2 min read

Why people are opting out of corporate bullshit

I only lasted 4 years as an employee. I loved the work I was doing (strategic planning and policy in local government) and I wanted to keep doing it,...

5 min read

How I developed Consultants of Choice (+ graphs)

The Consultants of Choice Foundation Programme development journey - in a series of graphs and pictures. After banging my head into a metaphorical...

6 min read

How to craft your value proposition

GET YOUR FREE WORKBOOK When you have a clear value proposition you show up with confidence and intention. You attract better clients, do better work,...

3 min read

Why now is the right time to start your own business

You already know the benefits of self-employment: freedom to shape your work and lifestyle, earning potential, and more fulfilling and impactful...

2 min read

8 critical self-employment skills - that all consultants need to have

Not everyone is cut out for self-employment. Many people are best served in the safety and security of a traditional job.

6 min read

The risks of self-employment: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Self-employment is an alluring prospect. It’s a chance to live your life on your terms, to achieve more fulfilment and meaning from your career, and...