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Public sector

2 min read

The paradox of public leadership

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” “I must be cruel to be kind” “The child is the father of the man” Literature is full of...

1 min read

Public time is public money

What do you do for work?” Gulp. When you work for the government, sometimes it’s tempting not to tell people. Primarily if you work in local...

2 min read

Time to tell: when to be a more directive leader

How we understand strong leadership has undergone a fundamental transformation over the last decade or two. Traditional ideas about a military-like...

2 min read

Strategic leadership: 3 ways to be less operational

Fire fighters have a demanding job. On the one hand, they do all the stuff that we expect in a crisis – like turning up and fighting a roaring blaze...

2 min read

The public service has citizens, not customers

I started a new programme with the senior leadership team at Christchurch City Council last week. One thing I noticed about how GMs communicated was...

1 min read

Get strategy off the shelf

What’s the name of your last Shelf Strategy? You know the one – where you did all those workshops and argued over semantics. The one where you wrote...

2 min read

Public sector leadership: Navigating the layer of crazy

I worked with a team late last year who were struggling to reconcile what they saw as the right way forward for their agency, with the fickle demands...