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Decision making

2 min read

Pick your path: boundaries, decisions, focus

What problems are you battling with this week? If it's one of these three things, I have some useful stuff that might help.

6 min read

How to make hard decisions more easily

Have you got a hard choice to make? Whether it's at work, or at home, having tricky choices ahead weighs on you, even when you aren't actively...

2 min read

3 myths about decision-making

I've been interested in what it means to make good, long-term decisions for a long time. I entered a policy career fresh out of university, all fired...

1 min read

Use your personal compass to make tricky choices

The average person makes 17,000 decisions a day. Most of those are easy, like what to have for breakfast or what time to leave for work, but some are...

2 min read

Fast decisions in uncertain times

When our future is uncertain and our workload is high, we need leaders who can make big decisions fast. As we start the COVID leadership autopsies...

2 min read

Good decisions

When COVID hit, many of us experienced – and are still experiencing – serious financial uncertainty. Businesses lost revenue, people lost jobs, and...

1 min read

Make better decisions by anticipating disaster

People are stupid when it comes to risk. For one thing, we don’t understand risk in our personal lives. We grossly overestimate our chances of...

2 min read

Preparation beats prediction

One of my favourite strategy workshops to run is about strategic risk - preparing for the worst. I recognise that sounds dire, but I promise it...

1 min read

Embrace awkwardness for better decisions

Good decisions need diversity. And I mean real diversity - age, background, gender, the whole lot. This is bad news for those who use the "diversity...

2 min read

Get over yourself: tackle decision bias

We are all flawed when it comes to making decisions. Like it or not, people are intuitively pretty crappy decision-makers. We often can't see outside...