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Throw Your Raft In the Ocean

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In an old Buddhist parable, a man is trapped on one side of a rushing river. On this side of the river, there is great danger and uncertainty; on the far side is safety. But there is no bridge spanning the river, nor is there a ferry to cross over. What to do?

The man gathers together logs and leaves, and by his wit, fashions a raft from these materials.

By lying on the raft and using his hands and feet as paddles he manages to cross the river from the dangerous side to the side of safety. Bravo!

Having crossed the river, he hoists his raft proudly atop his shoulders and proceeds through the forest, as he begins the next phase of his journey.

Progress is slow, as the weight of the raft bears down on the man’s back, and its edges keep getting caught on trees and in leaves. The man despairs, but clings firmly to the raft.

This raft is his proudest achievement yet.

It enabled him to pass through challenge and emerge triumphant.

He needs this raft … You get where we’re going with this.

Your coping strategies, no matter how impressive they might be, were designed for the challenges and circumstances of your past. Your future might require new ones.



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