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Two questions to understand yourself differently

  • What would you do for free?
  • What are your favourite household jobs?
  • A useful reminder, in case you're doubting yourself

What I'd do for free

I've been doing some interesting journalling exercises recently. I'm a big believer in that idea that the answers are probably there already, it's the questions that need to improve. 

Here's two questions that were surprisingly useful for me. The first:

If you had unlimited funds, what would you be doing?

Here's what I wrote:

- Writing books

- Making things

- Travelling interesting places

- Solving interesting problems

- Helping others have good lives.

(Then I wrote this underneath: Holy f**k. This is pretty close to my life!) 

I've been thinking about that ever since. Everybody wants to win Lotto - but what would you do with your time? Building on that: how much of that could you do now? Money is a big deal, but it's the most commonly wielded false constraint.

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My Favourite Chores

The second question was a left-field one: Are there any household chores you secretly enjoy doing? Why is that?

Here's what I wrote:

1) Sorting things out/ reorganising

2) Painting

Sorting things out makes me feel like a new version of me/ my life is possible and that I have the power to create it.

Painting is transformative. It turns something old into something fresh and new, with different possibilities. It's tangible change, created with action, visible at every step. It's rhythmic: follow the steps, see the results. It creates the foundation for other things to change, too (furniture, use of the room).

I found this question surprisingly useful. It's not a coincidence that the things I most enjoy at home are all about reorganising, renovating, transforming, and making space for something new. 

Questions like this can be helpful when we're trying to make choices about work. To be clear: not everything's about work! But we do spend a lot of time there, so it's nice to do that in a way that feels meaningful and aligned.

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A Useful Reminder

I cackled loudly at this one.

IMG_8884You're doing great.

Til next week,



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