4 minute Low-Down: What "Strategy" Is

In this post:

  • What strategy is
  • How to get better at it

Here's a 4-minute strategy breakdown from a recorded webinar - what and how strategy works. If four minutes is too long for you, here's the sub-100 word summary.Strategy is how we choose to achieve our goals. There are three main bits involved in it: the why, how, and what. 

  • Why (long-term focus, aspirational). In short, your goals and direction.
  • How (medium-term focus intentional in nature). In short, your priorities and decision criteria.
  • What (short-term focus, operational). In short, your choices and actions.

When in doubt, get clearer on your 'how'. When you narrow your priorities and clarify your decision criteria, you make more focused choices at the 'what' level, which generates progress toward your 'why'. 


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