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5 Things You Should Know About Clarity

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1. Clarity is the product of confusion.

You don't understand what really matters until you've been distracted by the things that don't. You don't join dots, see how things connect or put things into perspective until you've experienced the consequences of mismatch, distraction, disorder and frustration. Clarity is on the other side of confusion, but only if you keep going.

Get busy.

2. Clarity is the consequence of purpose.

if you don't know what you really want, all paths are equal. There is a compelling case to be made for every alternative you are currently considering - but all that counts is the difference you want to make. Don't ask others what they think, they can't see inside your heart, feel the pull in your gut or hear the whisper in your ear. Protect your fire fiercely, and only allow those who will cup your flickering flame inside the circle.

Be brilliant.

3. Clarity is the enemy of choice.

You have more options than you can possibly know what to do with. Every day you will be tempted by distraction, opportunity and challenges that won't deliver progress or growth. Every day you will question your motives, logic and capability. Every day you will be asked to recommit to what drives you, and trust the decisions you've made. Every day you do that, the proliferation of misaligned choices weakens in power.

Be brave.

4. Clarity is the mother of invention.

The clearer your path becomes, the more steps become visible. With every step, the fog lifts a little further, and the journey seems longer, harder and more treacherous. When you fight for clarity, your options will narrow - but when you commit to it, possibilities expand more fully than you could possibly imagine. You'll feel like you have more work ahead of you than ever before - and you'll be ready to tackle every bit of it. Clarity opens doors you didn't know existed. Walk through them.

Be bold.

5. Clarity is the rejection of fashion.

Commitment is no longer in vogue. Deadlines have compressed, marriages are struggling, and tenure is an artefact of history. Most people fear being trapped, stuck and left behind while the world stumbles from one temporary crisis to another. Clarity gives you the ultimate freedom to prioritise your values over what's in vogue, find meaning in madness and choose fulfilment over fashion.

Be better.